Temporary work is a great way to learn news skills, gain experience within different sectors and avoid gaps in employment. It shows future potential employers that you’re keen to be working rather than spending endless “lockdown” months watching Netflix.

Now, more than ever, we see people more open minded to the opportunities that temporary work presents.  We’ve detailed some of the more rewarding reasons why you should consider ‘temping’.


For obvious reasons, we’d never encourage leaving a permanent position for a temporary one, however, with the current employment market caused by the pandemic, should you find yourself without work temping provides an immediate start.  Businesses generally take on temps due to an urgent requirement or project and are unlikely to have the time to extensively look for a new permanent employee.  This can also mean there is no interview process provided relevant references have been taken.


There is, occasionally, the potential for temporary positions to go permanent.  If your employer is happy, impressed with your work and looking for a long-term solution they may offer you the position on a permanent basis.  A position, that perhaps you didn’t initially have the skills or experience to fulfil, has now been offered to you on a permanent basis due to your evident hard work and skills gained through temping.

As well as this, once temping, you legally have the right to be made aware of any permanent positions coming up in the company you’re temping with…


Whether you’re a graduate seeking your first job or you’re looking for a career change, a temp assignment can provide invaluable experience and broaden your knowledge.  With on-the-job training you’ll learn new skills that will be put into practice quickly, giving you the opportunity to discover quickly whether this is an avenue you want to pursue long-term.


As a rule of thumb temporary staff are paid on a weekly basis, resulting in almost instant financial relief if you’ve been out of work for a while or you’re in need of money.  You’ll also be paid an hourly rate.  If you work overtime, you’ll be paid for it and with some companies you’ll be paid at a premium rate for overtime.

Given some temporary assignments are open ended you may work with the same company for more than twelve weeks, if this happens, you qualify for AWR (Agency Worker Regulations).  This means that you qualify for the same benefits (i.e., holiday allowance and overtime rates) as permanent members of staff.


Lastly but definitely not least, temping provides the opportunity to meet lots of new people within various jobs and working environments.  Building a network up within different sectors will allow you to tap into this network as and when necessary as you continue to progress through your career.  In this instance, the saying ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’ rings true.


With the 3rd lockdown coming into play in early 2021, Rubicon’s temps have been fortunate enough that the businesses they’ve been placed within have been better prepared for the impact the pandemic brings.

With facilities and infrastructure in place, our temps have continued working from home where necessary or from a safe distance with relevant PPE to ensure safety at all times in the office.  What’s even more encouraging is that Rubicon still have clients taking on more temps within Engineering, Industrial and Office capacities despite the national lockdown.

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