Information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is all over the news and social media so you’re probably as clued up on all this as we are.  However, as a business in contact with people and businesses all the time we’re taking several steps to make sure we’re communicating effectively, staying safe and minimising the risk of any of our staff contracting the virus or passing it on.

Here in Dorset we’re back in the office ensuring social distancing is adhered to at all times.  As always we’re busy filling our clients’ Temp assignments and permanent vacancies and based on the government’s most recent advice to help prevent the spread of the virus we’ve already put several measures in place.


  • Enabling our permanent team of 35 to socially distance when working in the office or continue working remotely from home with the technology in place to continue registering candidates, filling Temp assignments and liaise with clients to meet their needs
  • Emailing every Contractor and Temp who’s worked for us since 1st October, offering advice and instruction
  • Called and spoken with every Contractor and Temp who’s been on holiday recently and/or has holiday booked
  • Stopped direct physical contact with colleagues, visitors, candidates, contractors and Temps
  • Incorporated government and World Health Organisation information into relevant written external communications
  • Increasingly talking with candidates, contractors and Temps, asking them to verify that they’re not exposing themselves to the virus, directly or indirectly
  • Talking with clients to advise what we’re doing
  • Reducing the number of face to face meetings and replacing these with Skype interviews
  • Putting in place technological changes that will enable our Recruiters, Headhunters, Resourcers and support staff to work from home when needed
  • Keeping updated through regular monitoring of reputable information sources

As a company, we’ve taken these steps to be cautious and responsible, intending to keep the business operating with minimal changes.

We have found the following sources of information useful re COVID-19:

  • UK Government – link
  • World Health Organisation – link

CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention – link

We’ve created this page to provide you, our candidates & clients, regular updates on the Coronavirus and how Rubicon are dealing with the situation.