As mentioned in our post ‘Handing in your notice’, companies are often left at a loose end when a valued employee resigns and you may experience some of following scenarios and tactics from your current employer:


Some companies have been known to respond to resignations by matching or exceeding your new salary package.  If you have gone through the recruitment process in the hope that you may get a counter offer (since a colleague did, for example), then you are playing a very dangerous game.  The company is now aware of your unrest and whilst the offer may appear attractive, it may affect any future pay rises, promotional prospects and training opportunities.  Statistics show that 86% of people who accept counter offers still leave within six months of deciding to stay at their present company.


Your company does not want to lose you.  Whilst the offer of promotion is no doubt sincere, ensure you explore the real reasons why you want to leave and ask yourself, “has anything really changed?”  If it hasn’t, then graciously turn down the opportunity.


A great deal of pressure can be placed upon individuals by companies to get employees to stay.  Often, if the resignation meeting hasn’t gone well, we have heard reports of threats not to pay wages or earned bonuses or threats to give a bad reference, among other nastiness.  It is important to remember there are employment laws protecting your rights.  Try to recognise these threats for what they are – just threats and always seek advice.


Colleagues are often distressed or saddened at a team member leaving and may try many levels of persuasion to get you to stay.  If you have been with a company a long time, it is possible you have made good friends with certain colleagues and this security can often be difficult to leave behind.  However there is nothing to stop you keeping in touch with your colleagues socially when you start a new role elsewhere.


If you hear worrying information about your new company, please call Rubicon Recruitment to dispel the rumour.  We have committed to only work with companies whose core values match our own and we would never place you in a company we did not trust to look after their employee’s well-being.


Some companies feel that making an employee work their notice can upset or demotivate the rest of the workforce.  Try not to take this too personally, it is probably for the best and you can now join your new company much sooner.


If you have any worries or doubts during this transition, please talk to us.  Moving to a new company is challenging and exciting, but can still feel daunting.  We will support you as much as professionally possible during this process and beyond.

For further advice speak to one of our specialist Recruitment Consultants by calling 01202 680 311